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No pizza, no network, no pharmacy ... Prehistory stink!

No pizza, no network, no pharmacy ... Prehistory stink! When a 13-year-old orphan goes out in search of his parents  and finds himself propelled into prehistory, he must necessarily do everything: invent fire, soap, vowels ... and try to survive among monstrous critters and stupid bullies.


JAKE is unique! 

A defective gene has made Jake very different from other bats; diurnal, he prefers hunting during the day and unlike his fellow bats, he does not hibernate. Lost in a foreign country, these rare and unusual characteristics, which were considered a disability in his own colony, will help him become a hero to his new friends. Still, family ties are always there to remind us we should never forget where we come from.


Legends are sometimes based ...

A new life starts for Marion when she moves in with her mother to the family home they inherited. Stunning views and private beach, the place seems heavenly. Yet, strange carved rocks, a lighthouse keeper with a sinister reputation and old local legends seem to indicate that hell is perhaps not so far away ...