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Back to the Future


Jurassic Park

Frank is a 13-year old who spent all his life in an orphanage. When he suddenly discovers that he was found as a baby by the old gardener in an abandoned amusement park just a few miles away from the orphanage, he jumps the wall and starts looking for clues hoping to find out where he came from and discover the truth about his parents.

Wondering, inside the abandoned park, Frank is attracted to a strange light coming from the bottom of a pond and then suddenly, he gets sucked into the water. Rapidly sinking towards the bottom, he goes through a mysterious glowing hole and surfaces on the other side of the pond in a luxuriant forest.

What Frank doesn’t know yet is that he has just travelled 300 thousand years back in time. No pizza, No Wi-Fi, No Drugstore, … not even Fire has been discovered! Lucky for him he gets adopted by a primitive tribe, somehow very different from an orphan’s dream family. Surprised that its new friends speak English (although very poorly), he learns that he’s not the first one crossing that time tunnel and that’s probably why the amusement park had closed in the first place … visitors were disappearing without leaving a trace.

While Frank is trying everything he can to cross the time tunnel back to modern time, he just might find many answers about his past and his family, and some truths he might not be ready to discover … are we?


Jake is Unique

like Everyone else

A defective gene has made Jake very different from other bats; diurnal, he prefers hunting during the day and unlike his fellow bats, he does not hibernate. Lost in a foreign country, these rare and unusual characteristics, which were considered a disability in his own colony, will help him become a hero to his new friends. Still, family ties are always there to remind us we should never forget where we come from.